Saturday, 8 June 2013

Five Reasons to have a arranged marriage

1.Full family support:
For most people in India, marriage is like a family affair.Compatibility of social status, family beliefs all happen here allowing both the parties to come together for a lifetime.

2.Understanding is inevitable:
An arranged marriage is performed only after both the parties mutually decide to go ahead with the union. The process therefore involves understanding each other’s cultural interests apart from individual views and opinions about life in general.

3.Financial security:
Unlike a love marriage where financial security of the groom is not always a priority, in an arranged marriage, it is imperative that the bride’s family ensure that their would-be son-in-law is career-oriented and has a steady flow of income

4.Mystery element: Since an arranged marriage is negotiated by the parents, love happens in due course of time. And because the two people involved are more or less strangers to each other, it leaves them with an element of mystery.

5.Dating opportunity: Once the alliance is arranged, the boy and girl are officially allowed to meet and know more about each other. Fun is when the couple is given an opportunity to date with the consent of both the families.

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